“If you keep doing what you’re doing, where will you be five years from now?”
I love this question for the way it makes me both envision my best future and squirm a little! For Pam Guyer, this question was part of a driving force that led her to listen to her intuition, dream big, and seize the opportunities in her life.  From her experiences thus far, the self proclaimed cheerleader (for your life, of course) has written the manual for all other women aspiring to own their lives: Living HIPP Happy. Inspired. Passionate. Peaceful. helps a gal to scratch below the surface of her dreams.  

If you have ever wished for someone to hold your hand and help guide you as you explore your passions and refine your vision, Pam Guyer will serve as your mentor in Living HIPP and call you to action.  Through telling her personal story, she shares the experiences which have shaped her.  Where the reading is mostly light, it does merit some warning: Pam’s candor surrounding some of her life’s trials is likely to bring a tear to your eye, but it serves its purpose well.  You’ll see that rather than be held back by anything in her past, Pam has made peace with it, and used it as an opportunity to learn, grow and help others.  You can do the same, and Living Hipp will get you started.

With a supportive mindset, upbeat attitude and good humor, Pam has crafted your step-by-step guide filled with thought provoking questions designed to propel you into action.  For example, have you ever pondered the difference between “living purposefully,” and “living your purpose?”  What can take some of us years to discover, Pam Guyer offers in one book.  If you aren’t sure of, or don’t like what you see when you look five years down the road, you can take small actions to change and reshape your vision- and your life.  

I especially enjoyed all of the “quoatbles” in this book.  Hello, yellow highlighter! Quotes, for me, can serve as such inspiration and it appears that I have that in common with Ms. Guyer.  She ends her book with a list of uplifting quotes from some great people, but before I finished reading, I had my own list straight from the pages of Living HIPP.  I recommend that you find some of your own favorite HIPP quotes, but here are just a few of my favorites:  

“You can have your excuse, or you can have your dream, but you can’t have both.”

“Vision allows us to hold on to hope when our circumstances look bleak.”

“What if you took 100 percent responsibility for your happiness?”

Beyond the inspiration of the words on the pages of this book, I really want to express what I see that Living HIPP demonstrates about the power of belief.  Living HIPP is more than a clever name or smart branding.  What we see in action is the strong belief of one person and her vision to help others in such a profound way that she sees Living HIPP as a culture or way of life for others.  In the works for the future is a second book by Pam Guyer geared toward teen girls entitled, HIPP Teens.  You can see that Pam Guyer is a woman with a grand vision and strong belief in what she sees.  When you purchase Living HIPP one dollar of your purchase supports the HIPP HOP mission, a nonprofit designed to help increase awareness about and stop bullying and abuse.  Keeping true to herself and walking her talk, Pam has already set a goal to raise $1 Million dollars for her cause.  

I mention these things with the hope that you find them as inspiring as I do.  What we can do when we allow ourselves to dream big, or to “Live HIPP,” is nothing short of amazing.  Whether or not you see it now, whatever the magnitude of what calls you, it all begins with some simple disciplines and simply allowing yourself to dream.  

Check out the Living HIPP web site: http://livinghipp.com/

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