Facebook.  Love it or hate it, sometimes you happen upon interesting ideas.  I happened to “like” Kim Kiyosaki’s Facebook Page and one of her recent posts said, “If you want more in life, you have to give more first.” Her comment was, “Think about it; there are so many ways this takes shape. If you're so inclined, I'd like to hear some examples of this in your life.”  I did not comment or even stop to read what other people had posted as comments, but I did have an immediate response to her prompt for an example: friendship.  

Giving in friendship does not necessarily mean giving material things or compromising yourself in any way, but it does mean being willing to listen without demanding to be listened to, it means giving the benefit of the doubt and not judging harshly, it means giving time, and it means giving your true self or being vulnerable.  If you want to have a relationship with someone, these things matter. If you want to build better relationships, then you have to give more of these things first.

I never really thought much about it, until I started to see one day who my own really good friends are.  Without being sure of why (actually it might have had something to do with a dead car battery and being stranded with a toddler) I began to trace the history of my best friendships and think about how I got to be so close to some people.  In a truly enlightening moment, I began to realize that I gave something of myself, without expectation, and really got more in return.  

The idea that relationships are investments is not new to me.  In fact, it has always seemed like a no-brainer, true in one’s personal life and in business. Stating the importance of relationships is almost like stating that water is a necessity.  Yes, of course it is, we all agree and move on without further thought. Relationships seem, after reflection, as important as water.  When you can give freely of yourself to others, it may one day be something that sustains you.  

Do you agree? What else does it take to build a relationship? And what do you think about Kim’s question, what are your examples of giving more to get more? Don’t let me hog the soap box- your comments are welcome!


lee ann
07/24/2013 7:24pm

You know I'd pile my 3 kids in the car & come get you any day of the week. YOU are a giver! And I love you for that ;)


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